SELECT EXHIBITIONS (2017 to Present)


solo exhibition | Los Angeles | July 20 - August 31st 2019
Juliane Hundertmark

Natural Behavior_Small1.jpg

Group Show | Los Angeles CA | April 26 - June 20th 2019
Benjamin Burkard  & Christoph Rode

Solo Exhibition | Los Angeles, CA | March 15th - April 19th 2019
Matthew Adam Ross

Group Show | Los Angeles, CA | February 8th - March 8th 2019
(Molly Tierney, Nilay Lawson, Samantha Greenfeld, Charlie Engelman)

‘NAUGHT’ by Matthew Adam Ross
Installation | Los Angeles, CA | January 1 - 30th 2019


Fair | Nick Hunt, Wyatt Mills, Brent Estabrook | Miami, FL | December 5-9 2018

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Solo Exhibition by Wyatt Mills | Los Angeles CA | September 15 - October 26th 2018 

Exploring the complexities of human perception, Pareidolia refers to a psychological phenomenon of cognitive interpretation. It describes the tendency of the human mind to imagine or perceive a familiar pattern or object where none previously existed. By using a portrait as the foundational subject Mills creates a sandbox from which viewers are forced to dissect and rebuild several personalities while confronting the complex emotions existing concurrently within each work.

In Mills' process, his paintings are continually re-inventing themselves in each passing moment with no linear path of beginning to end. In a constant exploration of awareness, Mills practices patient slow moments with frantic movements, often interpreting noises heard in the street under his studio into visual renditions. There is little hesitation to cover pre-existing layers or faces, as this frequently invites spontaneity back into the equation, discovering a new dimension to the subject that could only be found by destroying it. In the same way that the past is behind us, but still weighted on our shoulders, the prerequisite layers on these paintings continue to flicker through and exist in the final piece. The abundant amount of expressions and gestures stacked on top of each other reflect on how we grow and form identities, endlessly remaking or discovering ourselves.

Grin Triptych.jpg

Open Studio + Solo Exhibition by Brent Estabrook | SoHo New York | May 1st - May 27th 2018


"In Pursuit Of Beautiful Truths"
Solo exhibition by Matthew Ryan Herget | Los Angeles | Feb 24th 2018

NY Armory Week 2018
Art Fair | New York NY | March 2018

LA Fair 2018
Art Fair | Los Angeles CA | January 2018

Solo Show by Brent Estabrook | Los Angeles CA | November 2017

'Caliber Abstractions'
Solo Exhibition by Nicholas Hunt | Los Angeles CA | June -July 2017