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b.1985 Newport Beach, California
BA Fine Arts, Pepperdine University, Malibu, California
MA Art Business, Sotheby’s Art Institute, New York, NY

Hunt’s work focuses on the actual process and means of production for art creation. He seeks to discover new methods and techniques through the use of a multitude of materials to manifest his creations.

In his most recent series, Caliber Abstractions, Hunt has unveiled a series of breakthrough works around a central theme of “Value” — an often times “Taboo” subject in the art world that Hunt regularly confronted in the world of art business and more importantly in everyday life. By rushing head-on into what he knows to be a support pillar for society and artistic creation, Hunt uses his art as a vessel to draw attention to our almost pornographic avoidance of conversations around “value” and “money" in relation to art.

In Nicholas Hunt’s Caliber Abstraction series he has invented a method to add value by subtraction, and through the process created a contemporary reincarnation reminiscent of Robert Rauschenberg's 'Erased de Kooning'. On a conceptual and humanistic level, his Caliber Abstraction series is also a symbol for the value that life creates within the individual self. Throughout life we are challenged, rewarded, broken, repaired, and scarred physically and sometimes emotionally. It’s these experiences to which we owe our individuality, our uniqueness, and in essence our value. Similar to Hunt’s artwork, our true colors are revealed and polished through our collision course with life.

“Visually I have always been stimulated by change, color, light and space. So what I wanted to do was find a new way to add value and “create" color through a completely negative process. The idea of the gun represents both the logical and final conclusion of an eraser while epitomizing the ultimate Western, or American, tool.”

2018 - NY SCOPE Fair, Mugello Gallery (March)
2018 - LA Art Fair, Mugello Gallery (February)
2018 - LA Group Exhibition, Mugello Gallery (February)
2017 - ArtMiami CONTEXT Fair, Mugello Gallery (December)
2017 - LA Broad Art Museum, Insiders Group Exhibition (June)
2017 - LA Solo Exhibition “Caliber Abstractions”, James Wright Gallery (June) 2016 – NY Sotheby’s Group Exhibition (May)

June 2017 – “Caliber Abstractions”, Huffington Post Feature
June 2017 – LALA Magazine inaugural issue, full page spread