Wyatt Mills
b.1991 Los Angeles

BFA Honors in Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

“We must breathe into the allegory the breath of our own life.”

--Edward Bernays (Crystallizing Public Opinion,1923)

I am interested in the fluidity of human identity, the infinite tide of an inner self splashing against the outer world like oil and vinegar. I think of the mask we wear versus the struggle and turmoil inside us. I think of instinct and feelings versus outside forces, public opinion, and propaganda. Which of our thoughts are our own and which are the product of conditioning and outside influence?

I use oil paint and mixed media on canvas to explore human psyche, identity, and instinct and to reflect on the seemingly adverse powers of today’s society. Layers upon layers of transforming paint offer a visual reflection of the dynamic experiences which compile themselves to establish a person. My portraits are often androgynous, conflicted, but can also be humorous or even casual. Tumultuous brushstrokes are sometimes combined with clippings from newspapers and gossip magazines; an abundance of opportunity lies within the wreckage of any given image. My practice is frantic creation, patient execution, and mindless surrender. I also work in large murals: rapidly executed with paint rollers, they absorb my surroundings and engage anyone who passes in an open conversation.

My aim is to invite my audience to reflect on these issues for themselves. The images are deliberately fractured in a way that the each viewer can repair in an individual experience. But it is also an exploration of how I personally encounter outside forces in my own daily life. My painting is like a snapshot of a perception, my depiction of a flickering moment of static reality. In the battle to define who we are, there is no winner: the answer lies somewhere between collective and individual phenomena.

2018 – Mugello Gallery – Downtown Los Angeles, CA
2016 – Normal – Project Gallery – Downtown Los Angeles, CA
2014 – Phantasmagoria, ESSNTL Gallery @Bergamot Station, Los Angeles, CA
2013 – Void, Prohibition Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2012 – My Brain Broke, Eight of Swords Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2010 – Untitled, Con Artist Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2018 – Scope Art Fair, Mugello Gallery, New York, NY
2018 – Los Angeles Art Show, Mugello Gallery, CA
2017 – Context Art Fair, Mugello Gallery, Miami, FL
2017 – Ten, Chainlink Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2017 – Anamorphic Portraiture, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2017 – 50 Contemporary Artists, Enter Art Foundation, Berlin
2016 – Dallas Art Fair, Coagula, TX
2016 – Two Heads On Fire, Coagula, Los Angeles, CA
2016 – Works by Mills, Ross, Woodbridge, & the Images of Others, Kommunale Galerie, Berlin
2016 – About Face, Rebecca Molayem Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2016 – Bombay Beach Bienniale, Salton Sea, CA
2015 – Artesatanicos – Superchief Gallery LA – Los Angeles, CA
2014 – 21, Prohibition Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2013 – Miami Project, Visual Arts Gallery, MIA, FL
2013 – The Future That Never Was. Eight of Swords Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2013 – Execute With Extreme Prejudice, A Rare Form of Popup, Brooklyn, NY
2013 – Sampler, Visual Arts Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2012 – Hitmen and Harlots, Eight of Swords Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2012 – Inside Out, Dino Eli Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2012 – Untitled, Work in Progress Gallery (WIP), Manhattan, NY
2012 – Stereoscope, Index Art Gallery, Newark, NJ
2011 – Untitled, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2011 – Untitled, The Loom Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2011 – Friday 13th Special, Con Artist Gallery, Manhattan, NY

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2012 – Mutantspace, A Visceral Rage, An Expression Of Modern Anxiety, December 7th

Berlin Art Institute, Residency, 2016
Chair’s Choice Award, SVA, 2013
Private Collections in LA and NYC
Enter Art Foundation Collection, Berlin, 2016